Weldon Valley School District is looking for substitute teachers.

​​ Our class size averages 15 students and we have a four day school week. Information on getting your substitute license please go to the following website.


  If you are interested, please email jsparrow@weldonvalley.org or call 970-645-2411. 

​Weldon Valley School Announcements

May 16-22, 2017

There is a Board of Education starting at 7:00 pm.
Spring Volleyball will be from 4:00-7:00 pm.
K-6 Pizza Party for all students that did not have an overdue book all year.
Preschool End of Year program starting at 6:00 pm.
High school Graduation starts at 2:00 pm.
Please note:
Students with overdue library books or meal money will not be allowed to get report cards.  Please contact Mrs. Garrett in the business office to take care of balance before the end of the school year.


Additional Notes:
In the May newsletter there was a misprint on the date of the Weldon Valley Community Adult Travel Tour to Amsterdam, Luxembourg, and Brussels. The tour will be July 7, 2018, not 2017. To find out more please visit weldonvalley.grouptoursite.com or contact Meredith Chapin.

"Weldon Valley School District will prepare all students to adapt and thrive in an ever-changing world."

​Mission Statement
The purpose of the Weldon Valley School District is to educate all students in a nurturing, challenging, and safe environment. All students will be provided the opportunity to obtain higher-level knowledge, critical thinking skills, and self-confidence to achieve success in an ever-changing global economy.