Weldon Valley Family,

The Weldon Valley School Board approved the COVID-19 Re-opening Phases for the upcoming school year last evening. We have spend countless hours communicating with the Colorado Department of Education, Morgan County Health Department, and other school districts to prepare our school re-opening for the upcoming school year. The safety of our students and staff is our number one priority and starting school in-person was our goal. Our students deserve the best education and we are confident that our plans and procedures will allow our students a safe return to school. 

We know that the beginning of school might look and feel a little different. We ask that our community also share in our commitments to re-opening schools by:

  • Providing your feedback about our plan.
  • Remain patient, cooperative, and flexible to change.
  • Maintain a positive "can-do" mindset for the sake of our students.

Our door is always open for questions, concerns, or situations that may arise. We will always strive to find the best answers in service to you, our students, and the entire Weldon Valley School community.

You can find our COVID-19 Re-Opening Phases here. We are currently planning to start school in the Green Phase. 

Thank you for your continued partnership in helping us keep our school and our children safe and healthy as we navigate a reality that none of us could have ever imagined. Please stay safe and enjoy your summer!

Ben Bauman