Library Services
Here's what's happening in the library...

For Elementary students, library days are weekly.
Secondary students may check out books at times available,
if a scheduled time isn't planned.
The schedule is as follows:

Tuesdays:  1st Grade      8:30
                  2nd Grade     9:30
                  7th Grade    12:40
                  8th Grade      1:40

Wednesdays:  5th Grade     7:50
                       6th Grade     8:10
                       4th Grade     8:30
                   Kindergarten    2:30

Thursdays:     PS~AM        9:30
                       PS~PM        2:00
                       3rd Grade    3:10 

May 16th................RC Trip for those who qualified!
                                 Letters will be sent home, to parents of those making
                                 the trip, the first week in May.

May  23..................Late Books!  If you haven't returned a book, it needs to be paid for
                                 prior to checking out for the school year.  Check with me, for the
                                 price of the book.