Library Services
Here's what's happening in the library...

For Elementary students, library days are weekly.
Secondary students may check out books at times available,
if a scheduled time isn't planned.
The schedule is as follows:

Tuesdays:  1st Grade      8:30
                  2nd Grade     9:30
                  7th Grade    12:40
                  8th Grade      1:40

Wednesdays:  5th Grade     7:50
                       6th Grade     8:10
                       4th Grade     8:30
                   Kindergarten    2:30

Thursdays:     PS~AM        9:30
                       PS~PM        2:00
                       3rd Grade    3:10 

May  23..................Late Books!  If you haven't returned a book, it needs to be paid for
                                 prior to checking out for the school year.  Check with me, for the
                                 price of the book.